In life, as in poker, we often fail to ask ourselves basic questions. We sleepwalk through large chunks of our lives, doing the expected things, studying phalana in college, doing dhimkana job, getting married, having kids, following the script. We get stuck in routines, imprisoned by inertia. We rarely ask ‘Why?’ And when we fail to do so, then, as in poker, we lose a little something.

Anonymous asked:

I'm so depressed. How does one find meaning in life? Something to be passionate about? I'm so lost right now.

wethinkwedream answered:

You pick yourself up and create that meaning for yourself. You get out of bed, shower, and do the things that used to inspire you. When they don’t inspire you anymore, do something you’ve never done. Sell all of the things you don’t want and buy a plane ticket to a place you’ve never been. Get a job at a fun local place. Dye your hair. Buzz it off. Build a treehouse and stay in it. Buy a book you’ve never read. Fake that confidence for a night and go out. Kiss someone. Touch someone. Leave. Or don’t. Confess how you feel to the person you care about. Be raw. Sit next to a stranger on a bench. Talk to them. Know them. Leave. Or don’t. Go on a hike and follow a river until you get to a waterfall. Listen to new music. Listen to music you listened to when you were 13. Call your best friend. Drive straight until you don’t know where you are. Get out of the car and run. Drive home. Write down everything you’re feeling. Pull out the rot and hold it in your hands. Drop it. Walk away. Go after what you want. Go after what you want. Go after what you want. 

This 21 ur old says some beautiful things on her blog. Check it out.

Life gives us many chances to have these experience—to know people spiritually, and to let them impact our lives. Yet soo often these people disappear into the fog that is humanity, never to be seen or heard from again. It’s worth asking yourself how many of these people are still here, wandering around just like you or I. Also, how many of them are gone.